The San Diego City Council has just voted to pass a ban on polystyrene foam, otherwise known as styrofoam.

"The ordinance will prohibit the sale and distribution of food service ware and food trays made in whole or in part from polystyrene foam. This includes bowls, plates, trays, cups, lids, and other similar items designed for one-time use for prepared foods, including containers for dine-in, takeout food, and leftovers," said a city representative in a statement.

Polystyrene foam products aren't easily recyclable and often end up in the environment as litter; they also harm our wildlife. Plastic foam can be found in prevalent things such as plates, cups, foam egg cartons, and straws.

The Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance isn't being enforced; however, businesses and restaurants have the option to use either polystyrene foam or alternative products.

This new law will also make plastic utensils available upon request only, as the goal is to reduce the overall distribution of polystyrene items.