British Airways is going through a vast range of improvements as part of its commitment to creating a better customer experience and focusing on sustainability.

The airline is currently exploring how technology can enhance the passenger journey, and they're planning on introducing a new baggage tracking system, which will allow passengers to track their bags via their phones throughout their journey.

In addition, new plant-based menus are being introduced. The new menus will first roll out across British Airways' Heathrow lounges before appearing in US lounges.

In an effort to be more sustainable, the airline is also installing new water stations in its Heathrow lounges, removing all single-use plastic, as well as plastic water bottles which will be replaced with glass.

"We're committed to ensuring we deliver a premium proposition for our customers throughout their journey with us, and when we do so, we need to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of it. We want to create an even better British Airways and know that we need to keep making changes to the customer experience with things like alternative menus, reducing plastics, and introducing new technology to get us to where we want to be, " said Tom Stevens, Director of Brand and Customer Experience, British Airways.