Acosta's survey shows that approximately 59% of shoppers are making it a priority to be more environmentally conscious. These findings allow us to see how consumers are planning to take more actions while keeping sustainability in mind.

"Consumers are continuing to place emphasis on sustainability when making purchasing decisions, showing that eco-friendly lifestyles are here to stay. Retailers have an opportunity and responsibility to think through their environmental footprint and deliver value in ways that matter increasingly more to their customers," - said Colin Stewart, EVP, business intelligence at Acosta.

56% of shoppers are very concerned about the future of the environment, which means this drives what products they'll be purchasing.

75% of millennials claim sustainability is either somewhat or very important to them when buying packaged goods, and 40% of shoppers are more concerned about sustainability now than they were pre-pandemic.

80% of individuals have made it a priority to reduce, reuse and recycle products and packaging, while 63% are more likely to seek out food and beverage products that are minimally processed, and 60% are devoting more of their attention towards product packaging and its impact on the environment.

In addition to these findings, the study stated that older shoppers are more likely to recycle, while younger shoppers, which is Gen Z and Millennials, are more likely to modify their buying habits. Consumers agree that retailers hold the responsibility to the environment and communities in which they serve.

One in three shoppers are beginning to notice sustainability efforts by retailers and manufacturers on a regular basis, and 65% want to see companies putting more investment into sustainability.