Google Cloud made the commitment to provide sustainable solutions and has now launched Active Assist, which is a way to support customers with carbon footprint reduction. 

In 2021, Google analyzed data that suggested customers are responsible for over 600,000kg of carbon dioxide. To put that into perspective, companies would need to plant over 10,000 trees to offset these emissions.

Companies are causing these emissions through their cloud services, and Google's goal is to help their clients by providing various digital tools to make use of data, machine learning, and intelligence to actively reduce emissions in order to ultimately reduce the amount of administrative work required to maintain the projects.

"Active Assist is a part of Google Cloud's AIOps solution that uses data, intelligence, and machine learning to reduce cloud complexity and administrative toil. Under the Active Assist portfolio, we have products and tools like Policy Intelligence, Network Intelligence Center, Predictive Autoscaler, and a collection of Recommendations for various Google Cloud services — all focused on helping you achieve your operational goals," says Cheng Wei, Product Manager for Active Assist.

The portfolio will provide sustainability tools capable of estimating gross carbon emissions, and teams will gain insights across their projects and machine learning, additionally, the tools will allow users to determine the carbon emissions associated with a specific project.