Deloitte released a research report based on consumer behavior in relation to sustainability.

According to the report, 61% of respondents say they have reduced their consumption of single-use plastics, while 39% say they either haven't considered it or can't remember.

The report also shows how consumers are starting to consider the types of food products they're purchasing. 49% are conscious of seasonality, and 45% are looking to buy locally-sourced goods. 39% are considering their purchases based on the environmental brand identity, meanwhile 42% don't.

The participants in the research group who haven't made any changes say they require more information about sustainable products, and others have expressed that sustainable products are still too expensive to warrant them switching to other alternatives.

So how can businesses utilize Deloitte's report?

The information contained in the report can allow businesses to better understand their consumers and how to target potential customers.

Companies that are currently producing consumer goods have to ensure that the products on shelves are sourced responsibly and packaged in non-pollutant materials. In addition, companies can also utilize the report to determine future product developments as they aim to meet their customers needs.