Samsung announced the release of their new Galaxy devices on Wednesday, and they were eager to give us a glimpse at the new sustainability aspect of them.

The company highlights that it is increasing how efficient they are in eliminating single-use plastics and increasing their use of eco-friendly materials. This includes recycled materials such as recycled paper.

However, to ensure a more positive impact, the company is setting their sights on the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are being discarded every year.

The company has pledged to collect and repurpose these nets in an effort to clean up the oceans. As a result, the watery landscapes will become significantly more pleasant for marine life that would normally find itself entangled in the discarded nets.

In Samsung's 2021 report, they pointed out that they've done a lot of good so far; dropping their use of plastics by 20% by redesigning certain types of packaging and adding power-saving features to its products, collecting almost 5 million tons of e-waste and ensuring 95% of waste from manufacturing is recycled.

Samsung has also been working toward certifications (such as the Carbon Trust Standard reduction of CO2, water, and reliance on non-recyclable materials.

The company points out that they're more than committed to addressing the plastic pollution in the oceans in ways that will positively impact the environment and as well as the lives of all Galaxy users.