The increasing digital demand has caused datacenters to expand rapidly, but in order for digital transformation to be sustainable, considerations and adaptation must be in place within the industry. 

During a panel discussion, ‘Sustainability in Data Centers,' speakers discussed the current state of data centers and the significance of sustainability measures moving forward. 

Director of Energy & Sustainability at Iron Mountain, Chris Pennington, dove into the industry’s achievements so far, saying, 

“There’s been over 500% increase in compute capacity with a minimal amount of total energy consumption, so energy efficiency has gone way up. That pursuit is taking its path and continuing to move forward.”

A large theme of the sustainability discussion is circularity, which is becoming commonplace in industries. Pennington described how the industry is moving in this direction but requires further innovation to get to the next stage of its strategy. 

Implementing a circular strategy will be incredibly beneficial because it means that organizations can keep the bulk of e-waste out of landfills.