Micron Technology, one of America's leading producers of computer memory and data storage, is making critical changes to its sustainability strategies. 

Micron announced changes to their strategy to reach a target of 42% emissions reduction, by 2030, across its entire operations.

"We know the well-being of our communities and team members, as well as the strength of our business, depends on the actions and investments we make to address our environmental footprint," says Manish Bhatia, Executive Vice President of Global Operations at Micron. 

"That's why sustainability is embedded across the entire spectrum of Micron's business, from our operations and manufacturing sites across 17 countries to our finance strategy, product development, and supply chain management." - Manisha Bhatia.

Micron will leverage various approaches to reduce emissions, such as investing in advanced systems, using equipment to remove production gasses, and ensuring that any other gasses used in production have a significantly lower warming potential. 

Additional results include a 75% water conservation and a 95% waste diversion across the overall business. Micron will be setting out its sustainable business practices and will continue to support other various positive and sustainable initiatives.