More environmental issues are taking center stage with various weather incidents, wildfires, and droughts. Companies that generate pollution are looking for ways to measure their impact on the environment with the goal of identifying ways to minimize their overall role in the problem.

However, to improve your carbon footprint, you need to be able to get a baseline measurement and then follow the data over time, and that takes various software tools.

Microsoft recently announced a new offering called Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

The solution aims to use a set of measuring devices to collect the data and then take advantage of Microsoft's cloud-based data collection services to process and understand that data.

"To effectively drive sustainability reporting, sustainability efforts, and business transformation, organizations need better visibility into activities across their enterprise and value chain. Collecting and connecting IoT data from devices using sensors — combined with rich services at the edge or in the cloud — provides the basis to monitor and measure activities at scale." - Alysa Taylor.

Microsoft isn't alone in this either; other companies have been making similar announcements, including Salesforce, Google, and IBM. 

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna even said that sustainability is going to be a big business moving forward, especially as more companies are actively trying to reduce their carbon output.