AVEVA is a leading software solution provider that supports the development in which resources are managed on an industrial scale. Currently, AVEVA is doing this through a visualization platform that is a digital software driving the digital transformation of infrastructure and the implementation of sustainable solutions.

The reason why digital transformation is so important is that it encourages ESG performance, and industrial businesses are heavily invested in digital transformation because it allows them to meet their sustainability goals. 

The AVEVA Unified Operations Centre has been designed to give insights into the water and renewable energy usage while also providing clients with guidance on how to create more sustainable business practices. 

This applies to operations that are restricted geographically and allows them to advance towards their net-zero goals. 

“Our enterprise visualization category offerings will enable ESG strategies for industrial companies and empower them to reduce their carbon footprint through real-time insights,” says Rashesh Mody, Senior Vice President, Monitoring and Control Business Unit at AVEVA. 

Overall, AVEVA provides awareness and guides enterprise users to have a better understanding of their global operations. Depending on the industry, customers are able to gain real data that was previously inaccessible. 

Sustainability has become a large part of AVEVA, and they plan to achieve it by utilizing AI to gain even more insights into operations and establish a better way of working.