The beauty industry produces over 120 billion units of packaging waste every year, so the need for sustainable practices is clear, but what's not clear is how to fully address these issues. This is where Bluebird comes in. 

Bluebird is a software platform that makes it easy to measure, improve, and communicate the sustainability of products, and allow you to strengthen your brand by confidently telling your sustainability story. Bluebird is helping beauty brands like Glossier and Dieux Skin chart their way towards true sustainability with a system that grades each brand's carbon emissions and waste production. 

By scoring every metric and helping the brands create a strategy to lower them, Bluebird is specifically designed to decarbonize the consumer products industry. 

“Many brands simply don't know what they're doing, so it's not easy to be held accountable for their lack of sustainability practices, which is why you have to meet brands where they are. You have cutting-edge sustainable brands who want to bake it into their DNA, tell the market about it, and be held accountable. You also have brands who are just starting to think about it. Canceling brands when they're just starting to think about it isn't helpful because they'll just start to get scared and won't do anything," says Glossier alum Jamie McCroskery who is currently leading the charge with co-founders Anisha Gupta and Dennis Lee to reframe sustainable practices that are often dismissed as inaccessible or inconvenient for beauty brands.

The primary goal of Bluebird isn't to shame brands but to help them strategize and map out where they can start making a real and sustainable impact.