Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc is a comprehensive treatment and resource recovery for livestock waste to reduce environmental impacts and improve efficiencies.

They've announced with Ribbonwire Ranch that they will be building and developing a 15,000-head sustainable beef cattle feeding operation in Dalhart, Texas. 

The facility will include innovative barn systems, anaerobic digesters, and Bion's cutting-edge waste treatment technology.

Ribbonwire and Bion will work together to create a joint venture this fall, and Bion is expecting agreements with retail customers within the next few months.

The Dalhart facility will be producing blockchain-verified sustainable beef and reduce the stress on cattle that is caused by extreme weather and temperatures while remediating the environmental impacts associated with cattle Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). 

Bion's patented technology will also refine the waste stream into valuable coproducts that will include clean water, renewable natural gas (RNG), and organic fertilizer products. The revenues that will be generated from these new product lines will transform a cattle feeder from a marginally profitable business into an incredibly lucrative one.

Chad Schoonover and Doug Lathem, the co-founders of Ribbonwire Ranch, say:

"We are excited to be partnered with Bion for this initial system. This could change the industry. This new approach allows us to capture what has otherwise been lost while still providing a humane environment that doesn't pollute the air, water or land.

I am proud that we are working on a better way to feed cattle, one that will allow our kids and grandchildren to live and work in this area for generations to come.”