With rising energy prices across the globe and numerous unprecedented events, ABB and Microsoft are partnering together to raise awareness of the current climate crisis and reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce emissions. 

ABB’s initiative is clear as they've experienced a 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions back in 2021, in addition to that, they have an impeccable sustainability strategy, which showcases a reduction process leading up to 2030. 

“The greenest energy is the energy we never use. With 45% of the world’s electricity used to power motors in buildings and industry, improving energy efficiency is an essential strategy to fight climate change. Digitally connected energy-efficient solutions are critical to accelerating progress, and I am delighted Microsoft and ABB are making common cause to enable greater energy efficiency in our operations and those of our customers.” says Tarak Mehta, President, Motion business area, ABB. 

ABB is welcoming Microsoft with open hands to contribute to its reduction initiative, marking a commitment from technology providers to achieve net-zero. 

“Microsoft is joining the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement to help accelerate global progress on energy efficiency and carbon reduction,” says Elisabeth Brinton, Corporate Vice President of Sustainability at Microsoft,

“Microsoft is committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and 100% powered by renewable electricity by 2025, and these goals are well aligned to both ABB and the Movement’s aims. This will further support our existing collaboration to help customers in sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and cities to make better decisions at scale and drive meaningful efficiency gains.” - Elisabeth Brinton