Despite 5G still being a few years out from being mainstream, 6G research is currently underway and is expected to be commercialized by 2030. 

This next generation of wireless technology is promising to enable new ways for people to interact with their surroundings as well as unlock new use models across a variety of industries. 

6G's ultra-low latency and increased bandwidth will deliver massive amounts of data across decentralized, intelligent networks.

Additionally, the vision for 6G is to make near instant and ubiquitous connectivity to transform how the human, physical, and digital worlds interact. What this means is that there will be new ways to leverage data, computation, and communication for further integration into society. The technology will also support holographic communications, intelligent network operations, and network and computing convergence. 

At the end of the day, 6G will expand and go far beyond the capabilities of 5G, marking a new era of wireless that accelerates digitalization and drives business innovation across critical industries.