The Dogger Bank Wind Farm is expected to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, and when completed in 2024, can provide annual electricity to 6 million homes in the UK. Developed and supported by SSE Renewables (40%), Equinor (40%), and Vårgrønn (20%), the wind farm will be constructed in 3 phases – A, B, and C.

The phases are located in the Dogger Bank, an isolated sandbank centered within UK, German, Danish and Dutch waters – 130 km and 190 km off the coast of England, within the North Sea. Each phase will have a generation capacity of 1.2GW, combined will equal 3.6GW. GWor gigawatt, meaning each phase can power roughly 2 million homes. Think about this, a standard light bulb is between 60 to 100 watts, a gigawatt is 1 billion watts, so a gigawatt can power over 10 million light bulbs!

“Each turbine can provide enough clean energy to power 16,000 British households and save the equivalent of 9,000 vehicles’ emissions in a year and – one rotation of GE's Haliade-X turbine can power a UK household for two days” - DBWF

Constructed to be the UK’s largest single source of renewable energy. The wind farm will be supervised by Equinor over its 35 year operational life span, while construction and development will be overseen by SSE Renewables. The project is a 1 million pound, or 1,218,320 dollar venture, that will expand STEM provisions and programmes in local areas during the construction of the project – to get local communities more familiarized with the usages of green energy.

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm has also created scholarships for university students who are undertaking science, technology, engineering and math focused classes – wanting the next generation to live in a net zero world. A net zero world is the balance between the produced and removed emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

A new power purchase deal has also been agreed upon between Shell and UK's most awarded energy group, Octopus Energy – announced plans on December 15th plans stating that Octopus will be supplied with 2.4TWh of electricity from Dogger Bank. A TWh, or terra-watt is a unit of energy that outputs one trillion watts for an hour – mainly used when discussing large energy corporations or plants. They will directly source energy from the Dogger Bank Wind Farm to help supply the UK customer base.

“We're committed to supporting local communities.” - DBWF