Founded in 2002, Germany based mountain bike company, Canyon Bikes, has now jumped on the sustainability train. Canyon Bikes has been creating world renowned performance bikes for over two decades, and now they are in the market to go green. They recently joined in partnership with a titanium manufacturer, IperionX, that specializes in developing a recycled, low-carbon sustainable manufacturing process that could transform the way many production hubs build their products. IperionX has developed various titanium metal powders from titanium scraps that can be used to develop a variety of product components, including bicycle frames. 

Canyon and IperionX have agreed to join forces on a pilot project to develop a prototype bicycle produced out of the titanium powders and components. This project is expected to be completed by June of 2025, then they are to negotiate a larger-scale production deal. IperionX’s patented technologies and processes will be applied to a large scale company that has a widely addressable market – this opportunity can be significant for both parties with future production endeavors.   

"Our partnership with Canyon highlights the importance of fully circular, sustainable materials to customers with leading environmental goals," stated IperionX CEO and Managing Director, Anastasios (Taso) Arima. 

This prototype project will consist of new sustainable production processes and components that, if successful, could be implemented into future Canyon products. Within structural usage, such as framework, titanium is an ideal metal due to its lightweight, strength, and durability. It also does not rust or develop weathering imperfections, and is resistant to corrosion so there is no need for a paint inhibitor. Since day one of inspiration, Canyon Bikes have produced a variety of bicycles, now one including an all electric bike, or E-Bike. E-bikes have become increasingly popular over the last year, observed especially in the younger generation.  

"This is a real breakthrough technology for us, and we look forward to deploying this innovative technology in the production of more sustainable titanium for use in Canyon Bicycles,” stated Canyon COO Alison Jones.