True Grace is a leading supplement company focused on regenerative and sustainable manufacturing, additionally, they have a goal of combating nutritional deficiencies and improving overall human health. 

True Grace is focused on three specific missions; providing nutrient-dense products to improve the health and wellbeing of future generations, encourage education, and lastly, honing in on sustainability.

Recently, True Grace announced a partnership with Rodale Institute to support scientific research on how regenerative organic agriculture impacts nutrient density in crops and contributes to climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration. 

This study, which is known as the Vegetable Systems Trial, is one of the first to examine how soil health and farm management practices impact the overall health of humans and our planet.

In addition to the study, the partnership will also be funding support to farmers who are interested in transitioning their land to organic systems. Financial support from True Grace will help Rodale provide over 300 hours of consulting services to farmers—which is more than enough to begin transitioning approximately 30 farms to regenerative organic models.