Incorporate plants, vegetables, and fruit into your meals

It's not about being limiting and going completely plant-based because, for some, that's unsustainable. 

However, incorporating fruit, vegetables, and plants into your meals is sustainable, healthy, and good for the environment. Overall, it's all about being flexible. 

Opt for organic, biodynamic, or natural wines

If you're someone who enjoys the occasional glass of wine, opt for a natural one, because natural winemaking doesn’t use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers which seep into the soil, threatening biodiversity and harming nature’s balance. 

This isn't only beneficial for your body, but you're also helping local farmers and wineries who are consciously making an effort to be sustainable and protect our planet.

Be mindful of what you consume

Be mindful of not only what you're watching or listening to for the sake of your health and happiness, but also be mindful of where you're putting your money. Mindful shopping is at the forefront of sustainable habits, and while it's not always easy, it's incredibly impactful.