Zero-waste living is the simple idea of not wasting anything and using everything we have over and over again. To put it simpler, it's about buying, using, and consuming less. 

Here are 5 zero-waste swaps you can incorporate into your life. 


There are many people who actively go out and buy glass jars for aesthetic purposes; instead, buy what you want in a glass jar, save it, and upcycle the jars you already have.
Pro Tip: Save your candle jars. 

Ditch unnecessary stuff

Do you really need the plastic wrap? Do you really need single-use coffee cups?

Buy less

Self-explanatory but probably the best tip. Try avoiding "retail therapy" as an excuse for feeling down and opt for something else instead. 

Trade more

Ever heard of Rent the Runway? Instead of always buying something new for a special occasion, utilize apps or maybe even a friend's closet for a new outfit rather than going out and buying something you'll only wear once or twice.


A good portion of the food waste we produce are compostable materials. Composting can turn your food scraps into pure organic nutrition without all the harmful methane byproducts that are released into the air when organic materials begin breaking down in landfills.