Pack Your Lunch

Most people eat takeout for lunch, which involves a lot of packaging. It can also get expensive and, if not being mindful, unhealthy. Try opting for a homemade lunch a few times a week to cut back on the costs and the packaging. Wrap your sandwiches in cloth napkins, make a salad in a mason jar, etc. 

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Most offices keep fridges stocked with soda and plastic water bottles. Ditch the added sugars and bring your own water bottle and refill it when feeling thirsty. That way, you'll stay hydrated and reduce your soda and plastic water bottle usage.


Many companies offer ride-share programs now, which is definitely helpful if you're trying to eliminate how much you drive; if not, try carpooling with one of your favorite coworkers! Biking is also a fun and eco-friendly option if the weather permits it. 


Did you know there are reusable coffee pods? No more wasting dozens of pods a day in the office. Alternatively, if you're a tea drinker, use loose leaf and a strainer. 

Desk Trash

Let's face it, the majority of the trash that slides across your desk is probably paper. Turn your trash can into a recycle bin and pop a sticky note on it that says "recycling only."