Nordstrom 2021 Impact Report

Committed To Responsible Business

In 2020, Nordstrom established a set of five-year goals—guided by their long-standing values—that serve to measure and accelerate their ability to affect positive social and environmental change. Nordstrom’s 2021 Impact Report outlines their responsible business efforts and coordinated progress across the company.

The company won Good Housekeeping’s 2021 Sustainable Innovation Award.


Nordstrom kept 293 tons of clothing out of landfills through donation, resale, or refurbishment—meeting their goal to help customers extend the life of 250 tons.


The company met their goal to contribute $250,000 in corporate donations to help slow and prevent climate change.


Nordstrom joined the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA), a community of nearly 300 energy customers and partners committed to achieving a 90% carbon-free U.S. electricity system by 2030.


Nordstrom’s expanded BEAUTYCYCLE program took back 5.99 tons of beauty packaging in 2021.


The company sourced new, thinner poly mailers with 50% recycled content resulting in an estimated 192-ton reduction annually.


They collected over 46 tons of clothing, shoes, and accessories in 13 stores and through their mail-in program with Give Back Box.


Nordstrom partnered with Forterra to offset our Puget Sound store emissions for 2021 through the Evergreen Carbon Capture Program. 

293 tons

of clothing kept out of landfills


in corporate donations to help slow and prevent climate change

Nordstrom has grown into a leading fashion retailer that is dedicated to leaving the world better than we found it.

Nordstrom started as a small shoe store in 1901, and while the means and method of shopping may have changed since then, they've remained dedicated to providing their customers the best possible service. To keep in line with changing consumer expectations, Nordstrom has innovated on ways to continue serving their customers and saving the planet while they do. From product circularity to reducing their footprint across climate, waste, and water, the company is focused on their 2025 goals to support systemic, sustainable changes in the fashion industry.


5.99 tons

of beauty packaging taken back in 2021

We take responsibility for the impacts of our business and embrace innovations that raise the bar for environmental issues in fashion and retail.