Thrive Market 2021 Impact Report

Healthy living for people (and planet)

Thrive Market is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone — including the planet. The sustainable grocery store’s membership-based ecommerce platform provides flexibility to consumers looking for natural and organic foods. With fair-trade and sustainability at the fundamental core of the company, their 2021 Impact Report highlights the initiatives and progress made to becoming industry leaders who make a difference for both people and the planet.

2021 marked the year anniversary of Thrive becoming one of the 1,600+ B Corp organizations in the U.S. The company celebrated with a “B” Day volunteering at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve.


Thrive restricts hundreds of ingredients to ensure that every product is healthy for both people and planet.

Since the company’s launch in 2014, every food item carried has been verified to be 100% non-GMO through organic or third-party certifications.


In 2021, they welcomed 108 new brands that meet those high standards, including Green Heffa Farms hemp teas and GOLDE superfood wellness.


Thrive Market works directly with trusted farmers and suppliers to source and create sustainably sourced products available exclusively for members at the lowest possible prices. In 2021, the company launched 126 new essentials to add to their collection of more than 650.


Thrive is building the world’s first climate positive grocery store.


The company measured and offset 100% of their 2021 emissions to become carbon-neutral — a stepping stone to the goal of carbon negativity by 2025.


The zero-waste practices at Thrive’s Reno, NV and Batesville, IN warehouses became official with TRUE Certification. 5,888,149 lbs of waste was diverted away from landfills to be recycled, composted, or reused.


Thrive invested more in earth-friendly farming by adding 105 new regeneratively grown products in 2021. Regenerative practices like no-tillage and ecosystem diversity support soil health and can reverse climate change.


2021 brought a collaboration with Plastic Bank to measure and offset all plastic associated with packaging for products made by Thrive Market in 2021. For every ounce of plastic packaging sent to members, Thrive is purchasing plastic collection credits that prevent the same amount of plastic waste from entering oceans — the equivalent of 10 million single-use plastic bottles.


Thrive’s next plastic focus is on shipping to work towards their goal of plastic-neutral shipping materials in all member orders in 2023.


new regeneratively grown products added in 2021


carbon-neutral company in 2021

For us, it’s not just about the groceries we donate, the fair-trade products we carry, or the sustainability goals we’re working toward.

Nick Green

Co-Founder and CEO of Thrive Market

Thrive Market’s high standard goes beyond the quality of food they sell. From the products they carry and the ingredients they source to the sustainable values and requirements they’ve set, Thrive is well on its way to becoming the world’s first climate positive grocery store.


In 2021, Thrive made progress in all aspects of their mission. To reach their carbon negativity goal by 2025, the company plans to continue ground-only shipping and increase their investments in regenerative agriculture.


5.9 M

pounds of waste was diverted away from landfills in 2021


year as a B Corp

It’s about creating a fundamental shift toward conscious living—breaking down the barriers until what’s ‘healthy’ is also what’s affordable and accessible to all

Nick Green

Co-Founder and CEO of Thrive Market