TOMS 2022 Sustainability Report

Purposeful impact for the planet and people

The widely known footwear company TOMS, has committed their company’s purpose to the livelihood of the planet and the people.

Through special collaborations, mental health program partnerships, eco-friendly commitments, and ad hoc organizations, they have made planet-wide contributions and improvements. Their philosophy and culture are deeply rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism supported by thousands of wishful employees. TOMS 2022 Impact Report details the sociological, environmental, and charitable works they have achieved.

The Progress

Awarded “Best for the World” B Corps in the Community category – they are the top 5% of B Corps their size. They are also a member of the FLA, Fair Labor Association, committed to supporting workers rights in their manufacturing and production departments. 

In FY22, they distributed $1,700,000, or ⅓ of their profits to grassroot organizations through cash grants and partnerships –

  • 55% to mental health programs and initiatives
  • 26% for access to opportunity
  • 19% to end gun violence

Purpose: Supporting Grassroots

They grew deeper partnerships with individuals and organizations that connect with their local challenges, providing necessary resources for success. The 3 Impact Partners of FY22–

  • The Dinner Party: an open and inclusive space for those who are grieving 
  • Brave Trails: a leadership camp for LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Homeboy Industries: a gang rehabilitation and re-entry program

TOMS celebrates Mental Awareness Month and encourages their employees to complete the “Be There Certificate” in partnership with Born This Way Foundation, to support those who are struggling.

On World Mental Health Day, TOMS launched their 10x10 program where they donate $10,000 grants to 10 mental-health focused organizations globally

Special Collaborations – 

  • Happiness Project: footwear collection that encourages mental health care, in partnership with Letters to Strangers and The Mix
  • Unity Collection: PRIDE+ collection launched in support of the LGBTQ+ community, in partnership with COLORS which provides free & unlimited mental health care to LGBTQ youth & families
  • PRINTGONZALEZ: honoring Día de los Muertos, with every purchase profits go to art organizations that provide space for Chicano/a and Xicanx artists

In FY22, TOMS donated $100,000 to partner International Medical Corps in support of providing access to mental health services to those in and around Ukraine. They also donated $100,000 to Bright Kids, which helps Ukrainian families with disabled children.

Planet: Eco-friendly Commitments

Long-term commitments – 

  • Earthwise requirements
  • Carbon Footprint
  • More Sustainable Cotton
  • Greener Packaging

TOMS has gone plastic-free in packaging except for tag fastener loops. All Earthwise products are 100% plastic-free, and samples use 100% recycled LDPE poly bags. 

People: A Cultural Stand

Culture & Experience Committee and DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism) Committee actively works to combat racism, with 4 main sectors –

  • A Day of Learning
  • Job Description Program
  • Salary Transparency
  • Mentor Program

Active US Staff Demographics –

  • 45% White
  • 24% Asian
  • 17% Latinx
  • 6% Unspecified (those who have opted out of disclosure)
  • 4% 2 or more races
  • 3% Black 

The TOM'S team spends hands-on experiences with the Impact Partners – FY22 they built first aid kits, helped Brave Trails prep the summer camp, and participated in Homeboy Industries 5K. 

Giving Tuesday – once a year they close their stores and databases, and dedicate their time to volunteering at a local non-profit. In FY22, TOMS partnered with SuitUp to help student’s career readiness through innovative business plans. 

They moved their HQ to a smaller, more efficient space in Culver City to reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

The Setbacks

Unfortunately, for FY22, TOMS delayed measuring their carbon outtake due to production delays from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Future

TOMS aims to source 100% sustainable cotton for their products by 2025. Progress has already been made with the introduction of recycled cotton into their most iconic shoe – the Alpargata. 


of funds were distributed to mental health resources, programs, grants, and partnerships


of footwear products sold in 2022 met our earthwise requirements

“Sustainability is a Journey, Not a Destination”

Their report is deeply rooted in their main purpose to bring stability and health to sociological issues. With the planet and people, TOMS gives many opportunities to those underserved through personal, intimate experiences and initiatives. Their impact has brought a stronger foundation to more local communities and organizations.


“We’ve always been in business to improve lives, which means taking good care of the place we call home.”