5 Banks Helping Your Investments Become More Planet Friendly

The world has been revolving around money and a transactional economy for centuries. But now, with the climate crisis and every other environmental disaster looming over us, trying to find sustainable options in everyday practices has become increasingly common. We find sustainable clothing brands, cleaning products, energy sources, but why not banks? Investing is seen as a strong and intelligent decision when saving money, so why not try to make that sustainable too. Here are five banks that will help you increase your savings, while increasing your help on the planet.



This “B Certified'' banking company has committed to decreasing each investor's CO2 emissions by 50%, while giving them the opportunity to earn at least $250 average annual interest. Through their Change that Counts program, a tree is planted every time their card is swiped, they will also match the first 100,000 planted. 

Ando has investments that fight climate change – they have committed to investing 100% of customer deposits into exclusively green initiatives. Many include: renewable energy sources, regenerative farming, and green building. They are striving for a more sustainable planet, one swipe at a time



Atmos is globally recognized by the Global Footprint Network and put forth their mission to reduce CO2 emissions. Using a portfolio of clean energy assets, they measure each bank deposit’s carbon impact, collecting that data to design the proper initiatives. 100% of the money deposited will fund sustainable and innovative technologies and infrastructure that combats climate change.

According to Atmos the average American’s footprint is 16 tons per year. The amount of CO2 saved from the atmosphere will depend on the amount deposited or developed through interest. For example, if $10,000 is deposited, about 9 tons will be saved yearly, equivalent to 20,520 annual miles not driven.


Clean Energy Credit Union

Promoting clean energy and protecting the environment is the CECU’s mission. Their user-friendly website and banking makes it easy to save money and help the planet. They have an impact calculator where an investor can check the amount of carbon offset, saved driven miles, trees planted, and technology charged through the amount of money deposited. 

Through their thorough commitment to their customers, they will also provide lower than average loan rates to those looking to purchase an electric vehicle. When deposits are collected, they are distributed to other members to help them afford clean energy sources, such as solar panels. Their loans also help provide more energy efficient ways to protect the planet.

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Spring Bank

Introducing New York City’s first “B Certified Corporation” bank. Their mission is to provide equal banking, investing, saving, and loan opportunities to individuals, families, and local communities. They offer affordable products and personalized financial solutions to each person that walks through the door. They provide microloans for small businesses, financial counseling tools through their GreenPath program, and ethically report their community, customer, and planet impact. 


Amalgamated Bank

America’s socially responsible bank, amalgamated, is committed to empowering organizations and individuals to make social change. They support and provide banking to small businesses, commercial businesses, and institutions. Amalgamated has published their 2021 CSR Report that provides a plethora of detailed information on their social, environmental, and financial impact. 

Amalgamated has committed to giving support and focusing on the social issues throughout the nation. Backing BIPOC women in the financial world, providing social media support to the growing Roe v. Wade conflict, and even gaining endorsements from top IVY League universities.

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