5 Counties In America With The Highest Food Inequalities

Millions of working Americans don’t know when their next meal will be, or when they’ll be able to provide for their families. Hunger and food inequality within America is high, with 1 in 6 Americans underserved meals. Food inequality is caused by many factors, and affects hundreds of communities across the US. It refers to communities that have limitations with obtaining affordable, quality food and unfortunately many do not have the knowledge of or the access to helpful resources. In 2021, 53 million people turned to food programs in the US, and about 9 million children are affected by food insecurity. 

According to a 2022 report published by Feeding America, the counties in the US with the highest rate of food insecurities are—


Presidio County, Texas – 28.7%

With a population of 1,900, Presidio has a SNAP threshold of 165% poverty at 100% below. The average meal in this county costs about $2.82, that’s not saying it's nutritious or sustainable. The population food & nutrition rate is found at 24 out of 100, equipped with 0% of local food outlets.


Holmes County, Mississippi – 27.6%

With a population of 4,810, there is an 81% below SNAP threshold of 130% poverty rate and the average meal costs about $3.19.


Kusilvak Borough, Alaska – 26.8%

With a population of 2,230, Kusilvak has a 97% below SNAP threshold of 130% poverty rate, with the average meal costing around $4.42. These statistics are very imbalanced for a small community.

Map of US

Todd County, South Dakota – 26.4%

There are various counties within South Dakota that have high insecurity rates, but Todd is ranked at the highest. With a small population of 2,720, the SNAP threshold of 130% poverty rate is at 71% below. The average cost of a meal sits at $3.35, in the middle of the previous counties.


Wolfe County, Kentucky – 25.9%

Similar to Todd County, Wolfe County sits within a cluster of high food insecure counties on the Eastern side of the state. With the smallest population among the 5 counties at 1,860, Wolfe has a 100% below SNAP, or other food nutrition program threshold of 200% poverty rate. That number is exponentially negative, considering the minute quantity of people.

Food Insecurity Infographic
Key Takeaways
  • First, food inequality affects 100% of all counties in America on different scales, and for different allotted periods of time.
  • Moreover, with Feeding America’s interactive map, viewers can input different states and counties to view each inequality rate. There are sections to check by county, or by number of persons in a set area.
  • Lastly, getting involved in food organizations and nonprofits, such as Feeding America, can bring relief and resources to these insecure areas. The holidays are especially a difficult time for many families, and donations can help bring meals to those without.