5 Places Around the World With Successful Rewilding Practices

As environmental awareness becomes more well-known, increasing numbers of organizations are starting to implement rewilding practices across the world. Since rewilding refers to the restoration of natural land, which helps wildlife to thrive, this practice is undoubtedly helping better our environment.

In this article, we’ll take a peek at five places around the globe that currently boast successful rewilding methods. The only question is, where will rewilding practices be implemented next?

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland has celebrated biodiversity to a great extent so far with the implementation of its All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and the Biodiversity Action Plan. The latter intended to decrease toxic herbicide usage and lawnmowing in green spaces such as parks, thus allowing plants and wildlife populations to expand.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore has recently been celebrated as a relatively green city, with its incredible ‘Supertrees’ lining Marina Bay’s landscape. These extraordinary carbon absorbers house over one hundred thousand plants, birds, and insects and copy the operation of regular trees by filtering out water, absorbing heat, and providing shade to the city below. The Supertrees not only help provide cleaner air for humans, but they also aim to help biodiversity flourish.

Affric Highlands, Scotland

Spanning over five hundred thousand acres in Scotland, this strives to be the UK’s most significant rewilding project. Also, in collaboration with Rewilding Europe and other communities, green efforts in Scotland aim to benefit a broad range of wildlife, including squirrels, hares, fish, otters, golden eagles, and even the Scottish wildcat.

Patagonia National Park, Chile

This area contains colossal amounts of forests, lakes, and grasslands, amongst other aspects of nature where certain species are thriving. While the valley started as an overgrazed ranch, volunteering efforts got rid of large amounts of fencing to restore various species to the land, including puma. At the same time, plants and grass started to recover.

Montana, US

Situated around the Charles M Russel National Wildlife Refuge, the American Prairie is a non-profit organization striving to generate the USA’s biggest nature reserve. Currently, it offers defense to grasslands vital for taking in carbon and helping protect plants and animals across the area.

Key Takeaways
  • First, we can learn that some places are doing better than others regarding rewilding. However, by implementing effective policies, any location can help its wildlife benefit and help our environment flourish.
  • Moreover, it’s apparent that nothing is stopping rewilding from occurring on a global scale. The extent of rewilding displayed in this article surely highlights how vital it actually is for our planet.
  • Finally, volunteers make a significant impact on our ecosystem when they choose to support rewilding organizations. By getting on board with eco-friendly practices, you have the power to make our world a better place.