Blue Is The New Green: Six Brands For Sustainable Surfers

In the world of surfing, where the connection to nature is at its core, a wave of environmental consciousness is emerging. Surfers are not only riding the waves but also championing environmental stewardship, and this ethos extends to the brands they support. From innovative materials to community-driven initiatives, these surf brands are bringing environmental awareness to the lineup. 



Co-founded by Kelly Slater himself, Outerknown blends style with sustainability in the form of surf fashion. The company emphasizes transparency and ethical sourcing throughout their supply chain, with Fair Trade Certified clothing and the use of eco-friendly materials like ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Outerknown also supports ocean protection through partnerships with organizations like Ocean Conservancy.



Founded in 2014, Vissla redefines surf culture with a focus on environmental consciousness. Their sustainable surfwear includes boardshorts made from upcycled coconut fibers and wetsuits crafted from eco-friendly materials like limestone-based neoprene. Vissla also engages the community through events like the Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest, promoting creativity and waste reduction in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation.


YEW! Surf Wax

Surf wax is an essential, but most waxes on the market are paraffin (petroleum) based, leaching chemicals into the water and affecting the health of marine ecosystems and surfers alike. YEW! Surf Wax is not just about improving traction on your board; it's about leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. Made from all-natural ingredients like organic beeswax and coconut oil, the company’s commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging, using recyclable materials to minimize waste and promote a cleaner ocean.


Timber Surf Co

Timber Surf Co distinguishes itself from other California shapers by lining its surfboard blanks with slabs of fallen redwoods from the Santa Cruz mountains, reducing reliance on environmentally-harmful materials like foam, resin and fiberglass. By utilizing locally-sourced wood from responsibly managed forests, the brand minimizes its carbon footprint and supports sustainable forestry practices while creating boards known for their strength and longevity. Each handcrafted board is a testament to Timber Surf Co's dedication to environmental stewardship, offering surfers a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional surfboards.


Sagebrush Bags

Sagebrush Bags’ Anna Ehrgott is fully committed to sustainability throughout her product line, utilizing eco-friendly materials like organic cotton canvas, old coffee bean sacks, and upcycled vintage polyester in a full range of surf accessories from board bags to backpacks. By incorporating these materials into their designs, the company reduces its environmental impact while still delivering high-quality and stylish products. The brand also prioritizes ethical manufacturing processes, ensuring fair labor practices and minimizing waste in production.


Spooked Kooks

Australian-based Spooked Kooks uses eco-friendly materials like recycled, ocean-bound plastic waste and organic cotton in its range of soft top boards and surf apparel, reducing its reliance on virgin resources and minimizing environmental impact. Spooked Kooks also emphasizes ethical manufacturing practices, partnering with factories that prioritize fair labor standards and environmental responsibility. Beyond sustainability, Spooked Kooks' unique designs and bold prints add a touch of personality to eco-conscious surfwear, allowing surfers to express themselves while supporting sustainability in the industry.


In a world where the ocean is both playground and protector, these surf brands mark a new era of greater environmental awareness. Ocean-lovers aren’t just riding the waves anymore—they're directly shaping a cleaner, bluer future for the surfing community and the ocean.