Eco-Friendly Restaurants In LA You Need To Try

In most neighborhoods, restaurants are the lifeblood of the community, providing a place for you to meet your friends and family and socialize with your peers. However, finding a good eco-friendly restaurant to enjoy can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, LA has many great restaurants to choose from, and here are just a few.


With several locations throughout the state, Locali is an excellent option for accessibility. Specializing in delicious deli meals, they are also certified members of Choose Health LA, LA Green Business Association, RAISE, and have earned the Sustainable Business Council’s Sustainable Restaurant Award multiple times.

Plant Food + Wine

Although LA is known for their vegan restaurants, Plant Food + Wine stands out for their particularly great dinning experience. They offer a simple minimalist space with locally sourced plant-based dishes.

The Albright

A great beachside restaurant, The Albright is known for their delicious seafood dishes. They also focus their green initiatives on conserving as much energy as possible, they use natural lighting, give their kitchen waste grease to be converted to biofuel, and use energy efficient kitchen equipment.

Pono Burger

Unlike other burger joints, Pono Burger takes special care in preparing their lauded burgers. Using exclusively organic, locally sourced ingredients from farmers markets, Pono Burger supports their community and makes the best burgers in town.

118 Degrees

The curious name of this restaurant hints at their core values. 118 Degrees aims to offer their community delicious, healthy, and ethical foods. With a menu filled with great plant-based dishes, they always prepare their meals at temperatures below 118 degrees, conserving energy and valuable nutrients within the dishes.

The Bel-Air

A redesigned restaurant, The Bel-Air has gone through a complete remodeling to enhance their facilities. Creating a pleasant minimalist ambiance, The Bel-Air also ensured their new building came with state-of-the-art energy saving features, which ultimately earned them a LEED Gold Certification.


A quiet eatery in the middle of LA, Forage specializes in beautifully crafted seasonal dishes. Sourcing their ingredients locally, they only ever prepare dishes that complement the selections at the local farmers markets.

Café Gratitude 

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of LA you’ll find Café Gratitude, an eatery bursting with healthy options, all prepared ethically. The menu of Café Gratitude is vegan, organic, and health conscious.


A small eatery in LA, Leaf offers a simple menu with selections of vegan and raw-food dishes. Leaf sources all their ingredients locally, and even use environmentally friendly cleaning products and maintenance equipment.

Real Food Daily 

With restaurant locations all over California, Real Food Daily provides a selection of organic and vegan dishes. One of their greatest perks is their consistent quality and convenient locations.

Actionable Takeaways

  • Eco-friendly restaurants are booming throughout the state, bringing customers from all over the country.
  • Many eco-friendly restaurants put special care and thought into their menus, which is reflected in their quality dishes. 
  • Although many eco-friendly restaurants are smaller locations, they often boast a dedicated customer base.