Small Businesses that Sell Organic and Sustainable Wine

You might want to have a glass of organic yet sustainable wine when you are looking to have some relaxing time in eco-friendly surroundings. Have you ever thought of leaving the brands wines and rather supporting the small business and purchasing the same organic wines from them?  

Here are ten sustainable small businesses worth wine.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines are famous for manufacturing single-pour bottles without skimping anything. The wine grapes used in the winemaking are grown organically in sustainable farms.

Mysa Wine  

Mysa Wine is a small business by a female that gives a touch of local wine. Despite being a small business, they offer videos for the individual tasting for each kind of wine that is shipped each month.

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Club is an ideal place to go in search of rare wine that is manufactured organically. All the wines by this club use biodynamic and organic methods for manufacturing wines.

Dry Farm Wines  

Dry Farm Wines consists of wines that are grown organically and have less than 12.5% of alcohol content; they are friendly as well as keto. You can also get toxic additive-free and sugar-free wine.  

Frog's Leap

Frog's Leap is a small organic wine business that was established back in 1988 by John Williams. He was a man who was so passionate about green farming and so adopted dry farming and other organic practices to make wine.


Benziger is situated in California and has received a triple certification. The wine is manufactured using organic and sustainable grapes. Any visitor has the chance to take a ride of the vineyard on the tractor.

McBride Sisters

McBride Sisters was launched by a female entrepreneur in 2019 to reduce the gender gap in this industry. All the funds that are raised through this business are allocated for the scholarships and training programs of females.

Lady of the Sunshine

This small business was started back in 2017 by a biodynamic winemaker. The orange wines are picked from wineries that ensure a biodynamic process.  

Orange Glou

Orange Glou is located in New York that practices sustainable farming and ensures that all grapes involved in winemaking are organically grown using green farming.  

Organic Wine Exchange

This small business believes in informing their consumers well-informed about their organic wine and keeps on providing them with all the necessary processes and ingredients used in the making.

Key Takeaways from the journey of small business's sustainable wine:

The next time you want to have some wine, do make these small businesses your mandatory stop.

Being an eco-conscious consumer yet brand conscious doesn't have to be hard. Engaging and consuming these sustainable wines by not-so-famous brands can give you the same taste and, at the same time, leave a positive impact on the world.

  • When you are in search of a sustainable wine brand to support a good cause, always go through some small businesses that offer the same taste and refreshment at a cheaper and healthier price.
  • Make sure to spend your money wisely and support a good cause.