Sustainable Landmarks for the Eco-friendly tourist

Landmarks are important features of their areas and represent more than a physical monument. They are often the main tourist attractions, places which help navigate directions, and are often the thing by which creates a mental image of the locality. As such, it is not wonder that in the wake on eco-conscious consumerism, people want these important parts of a city/town to be sustainable in nature.  

Below are some sustainable landmarks worth checking the next time you decide where to travel:

Copenhill, Denmark

Here, an artificial ski slope sits on top of a waste to power plant (Amager Bakke) whose aim to help the city become the first carbon neutral city. It also has the world’s largest climbing wall and good resorts.

Jewel at Changi, Singapore

In 2019, Singapore created an urban garden with an airport terminal. Jewel at Changi was made in a sustainable manner, and it is a green oasis with hedge maze and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. This airport is a must visit for everyone.

Byron Bay Solar Train, Australia

Byron Bay is the world’s first solar power train. It has no ticket machines and instead a conductor collects all fares on this refurbished heritage train.

Vena Cava, Mexico

A hippy winery in Mexico? It gets better. The fully organic Baja winery made by recycling fishing boats and other material, has open tastings all seven days of the week.

Eden Project, UK

Located on an excavated china clay pit, it serves as an education charity and visitor’s centre in Cornwall. It features biomes housing, gardens, the world’s largest indoor rainforest, and zipline among many other facilities.

Climate Museum, USA

This museum in New York has been at the front of innovation and events in the form of art to help spread awareness about climate change and the importance of eco-conscious consumption.

Cableway at Table Mountain, South Africa

If you prefer to ride the cable car instead of hiking Cape Town, take comfort in the fact that these cable cars have been carbon neutral since 2016.

The Crystal, UK

This sustainable landmark in London is one the most popular green attractions for visitors in UK. The building also makes use of solar energy, rain water harvesting, and black water recycling.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is the perfect example of creating something ecological sustainable which is beautiful and highly mesmerizing. This is the pride of the lion city.

Watching Tours Húsavík, Iceland

Tour operators offering visits to wild life in the wild must be responsible and employ conservation. Here the north sailing silent whale is watched, in an ethical manner, without harming the ecological environment or its wildlife.

Key Takeaways for touring with sustainability in mind:

The next time you have to make a decision about where to go and what places to visit, keep in mind the importance of sustainable landmarks and the right decision to support tourism at such places.  

  • Put in good research into the place you are going to make sure you are not missing out on eco-friendly landmarks.
  • Support tourism in countries which are taking an active stance in helping fight climate change.
  • Be very conscious of where you are spending your vacation money and be part of the movement and spread awareness about eco-friendly tourism and sustainable landmarks.