The Best Farmers Markets in Los Angeles

Farmers markets are the perfect place to gather with friends and family to do your weekly shopping. Even if you don’t frequent them often, they can be a nice retreat to check out local vendors and get to know your community. Los Angeles in particular is well-known for their unique and well-stocked farmers markets.

Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

If you’re an amateur cook, this is the best farmers market for you. Professional chefs and kitchen staff meet here three times a week to mix with local farmers and purchase the best ingredients available.

Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market

A more relaxed market, this farmers market is frequented by everyone in the community. You can find kids eating sweets from vendor stalls and local musicians busking amidst the usual farmers selling their produce.

Brentwood Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking for the best produce in the city, look no further than Brentwood Farmers’ Market. At this market, you will find local farmers selling seasonal produce, so you better buy them up quickly before they go out of season.

Mar Vista Farmers Market

Another farmers market catering to the entire neighborhood, at Mar Vista Farmers Market you will find dessert vendors, food stalls, and food trucks, along with the usual local produce providers.

Studio City Farmers Market

The farmers market most suitable for large families, Studio City Farmers Market boasts play areas and kids activity spaces. If you are shopping with your family, this market is a great option to ensure your kids don’t get bored.

The Original Farmers Market

As the name implies, this farmers market is one of the oldest in the city. Featuring a variety of vendors from seafood sellers to produce sellers, whether you’re looking for a specific item or browsing, you can’t miss the Original Farmers Market.

Hollywood Farmers Market

Speaking of variety, the Hollywood Farmers Market also offers a range of sellers. At this market, you will frequently find food and non-food stalls side by side, selling numerous products and produce.

Altadena Farmers Market

A sprawling market located near a park, this is the perfect market for a slow stroll during a relaxed evening. At Altadena Farmers Market, you can relax at the city’s outskirts and appreciate a quiet browse through various activities and stalls.

South Pasadena Farmers Market

Featuring a wide range of produce from local farmers, at the South Pasadena Farmers Market you can find anything you’re looking for. Also, a great option if you want to stay healthy with organic and other specialty foods.

Burbank Certified Farmers’ Market

A market by the community, for the community, the Burbank Certified Farmers’ Market donates all proceeds to the Providence Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation, supporting members of the community in need. While shopping for delicious locally grown produce, you can help provide your community with medical care.

Actionable Takeaways 
  • Farmers markets offer a host of services and products, often at cheaper prices. 
  • Many farmers markets are not only for buying and selling but enjoying your community as well. 
  • Most farmers markets support local businesses, so they are great for community wellbeing.