The Pros And Cons of Compost Toilets

If you aren't yet familiar with compost toilets, you have much to learn about reducing your negative impact on our planet. This toilet can dispose of human waste while requiring less water usage than regular toilets, combining the excrement with peat moss, sawdust, or other materials and undertaking an anaerobic decomposition process.

So, is installing a compost toilet in your household worth it? In this article, we've broken down the advantages and disadvantages of these toilet systems so that you can carry out the best choice for you.


Pro: Eco-friendly

The most obvious pro of compost toilets is that they are eco-friendlier than traditional toilet systems since they require less water to run. The material produced in this system can even be applied to your garden to enhance plant growth without the need for harsh, toxic chemicals.

Con: Maintenance

While compost toilets are easy to use once you get your head around how they operate, they still require regular maintenance. These toilets need to be emptied of waste to continue doing their job correctly, meaning that the more people who use the bathroom, the more frequent emptying needs to occur.


Pro: Good For Remote Areas

Compost toilets are a fantastic choice if you have a tiny bathroom since the compost system is contained under the bathroom floor. After all, the space underneath your bathroom is most likely to be empty.

Con: Required Permits

Installing a compost toilet may be more complex than you first may think since you could require a permit to install one. While installation is typically allowed, you should do your research and check any local restrictions that could stop this from occurring in some areas before you decide to get a compost toilet.


Pro: Affordable

You may find that compost toilets suit your budget much more in the long term than traditional toilet systems. With no water bills, no plumbing costs, and very minimal repair costs, upkeep for this type of toilet will typically cost much less than a regular toilet.

Con: Odor

The unpleasant truth is that not every compost toilet can effectively contain its smell – although this depends on the type you install. For example, centralized compost toilets have trouble containing odor. However, while compost toilets typically smell worse than standard toilet systems, you can purchase a few products to minimize odors.

Key Takeaways
  • First, we can take away that compost toilets have the power to reduce our overall environmental impact. By installing one of these systems, you have the ability to contribute a little more kindness to our planet.
  • Moreover, while compost toilets aren't perfect, they can take us one step closer to solving our excessive water usage.
  • Finally, every individual should consider what types of household installation systems they can swap out to make the world a better place. If every homeowner made eco-friendlier choices, imagine how much of a difference we could make to our planet!

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