What To Look For When Finding A Sustainable Restaurant

As time goes on, people are becoming more and more conscious of how their actions affect our environment. This is particularly relevant when considering going out for a meal. Most food places wreak so much food waste and pollution on our ecosystem, meaning that it’s no surprise that some people are choosing where to eat more carefully now. 

So, what should you look for when choosing a sustainable restaurant? Check out our list below and start eating more sustainably today.


Research if the restaurant in question uses local ingredients or not. Some restaurants have decided to purchase local produce at farmers’ markets, thus reducing food miles, avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions, and supporting local businesses.

Furthermore, consider the types of products being used in the restaurant. It’s common knowledge that some products – especially red meats and dairy products – are more harmful to the environment than others. Therefore, it might be worth going to a vegan restaurant or one which has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.


Think about how restaurants package their food. Sustainable restaurants utilize little to no plastic since this material has already burdened our planet with pollution and landfill space. Additionally, eco-friendly dining businesses will strive to improve recycling practices, only purchasing recyclable and reusable materials when they can.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable restaurants will save energy with the types of ovens, grills, hobs, and other appliances that they use. They may purchase energy star certified devices, knowing that these types of products meet strict and legitimate requirements needed to be deemed as ‘energy-efficient.’ This will save our planet’s resources in the long run. 

Ecologic food containers
Approach To Waste

It’s widely known that many restaurants are incredibly wasteful with food. Sustainable restaurants are trying to reduce this problem through a few innovative approaches, such as giving customers boxes to take leftovers home and avoiding colossal portion sizes.

Pizza oven
Key Takeaways
  • There is much to take away from the contents of this article. From looking at all the different factors affecting a restaurant’s sustainability, you can gather that currently, many restaurants are having a hugely negative impact on our environment. This means that you really do need to think carefully about where you dine.
  • Secondly, businesses can benefit by adopting sustainable practices – especially in the hospitality industry. If you brand your restaurant as an active figure in sustainable awareness, you may be able to attract a broader consumer base. After all, many individuals have started to boycott the more harmful businesses out there.
  • Finally, it’s evident that every action you take makes a difference in this world. By opting to dine at a sustainable restaurant over one that severely pollutes our environment, you will act kinder to our planet and reduce our overall carbon footprint today.