We've made it into the new year – a new year with new resolutions, goals, and planned out accomplishments, but the same looming issues in sustainability, the climate crisis, pollution, and many other topics in the field of environment. We as a society have the responsibility to keep pushing forward towards a net-zero atmosphere and climate, allowing future generations to experience the beauty that is our planet. 

Why should companies lean more towards becoming sustainable? The answer is simple – impact. All businesses have a significant impact on the earth, corporations, enterprises, small businesses or large companies take advantage of given resources on a wider scale, for a long period. Many companies (depending on the subject of business) have the starting points of switching to recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption, integrating remote working environments, and partnering with charities or organizations that have a direct relation with the environment. 

Before going into the goals of specific businesses and if they are achievable based on the current progress, first we have to look at what makes a company sustainable. And, how that company plans on using its given resources to develop a deep seeded plan.