Kindly has made the first-ever plant-based bra cups. They're composed of over 80% sugarcane, and the underwear is made from recycled yarns and fabrics. Kindly is sold exclusively at Walmart stores and online at

The Simple Folk

Abigail Brown and Jamie Morea launched The Simple Folk with a line of minimalist, all-natural, non-toxic, ethical, comfortable children's clothing and it became an instant success.

However, the two cofounders had a desire to not only celebrate women’s bodies but also embrace the changes that women experience throughout their lives. So, now The Simple Folk features clothing that are made with elasticated waists, adjustable straps and ties, and loosely-fitted flowing shapes that allow for women to keep wearing the items throughout all stages of life.

“As mothers ourselves, it was vital to us to create from a place of reverence for the changes our own bodies have been through,” says Brown.


Helpsy is a the only vertically-integrated secondhand clothing merchant in America, and they're on a mission to radically change the way people think about, dispose of, and purchase secondhand clothing. The Helpsy Shop website has the goal of making buying secondhand clothing easy and simple.