Volkswagen is the latest manufacturer to launch a flying car concept, but is this mobility technology sustainable?

The reality of urban mobility in 2022 is that we are still highly reliant on fossil fuels for our daily commute.

While EVs are taking off, it's still a process.

Volkswagen recently unveiled the Flying Tiger – a drone-like electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle from the group's China division.

"The launch of this stunning validation model is the first of many remarkable milestones on our exciting journey towards urban air travel, and a perfect example of our 'From China, For China' mission," says Dr. Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Group China.

The company is saying they will pitch Flying Tiger as a premium product for high-net-worth customers in China with a penchant for technology who wish to use the aircraft for VIP air shuttle services.

In essence, it's a straight replacement for a helicopter – but the real question is could these autonomous, pilot-less drones replace the motor car? And if they did, what exactly is the impact that it would have on the planet?