Colgate-Palmolive Company announced their partnership with NASA, which will see the toothpaste mavens and the space program figure out how astronauts could live in a hygienically sustainable manner.

The partnership will be exploring innovative products that are both sustainable and suitable for space travel.

The first few products are waterless tablets in lieu of traditional teeth cleaning products and compact, sustainable packaging technology that can be utilized at low orbit.

Colgate will have access to the International Space Station for the purposes of testing; additionally, a few other areas of testing outside of sustainability will be health and preventative skin care technologies.

Dr. Cady Coleman, who is a former astronaut, will be working with Colgate and offering insights into space travel.

She's gone to space three times, and for a 180-day stretch at one point, over the course of her 24-year career at NASA. Coleman is extremely well-suited for this role, and like many of the previous investigations that were conducted in space, this work will lead to discoveries that might be able to advance the health and well-being of everyone here on Earth.