Cement production is one of the biggest emitters in the world. Coolbrook, a Finnish company, is hoping to change that with electricity.

If global cement production was a country, it would be the third most largest emitter in the world, coming in right behind China and the United States.

Eight percent of global greenhouse emissions come from cement production, which requires a high temperature that can only be reached through combusting fossil fuels. Coolbrook wants to change this by electrifying the heating process.

By electrifying the cement production process, Coolbrook says that 2.4 billion tons of carbon emissions could be avoided.

Coolbrook brought their vision to COP27, which is an annual UN climate conference that is being held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

“The key reason why we wanted to be at COP27 was to bring the message that there are technologies available to solve the problem in industries that are considered ‘hard to abate’ or impossible to electrify, that there are technologies that can help in solving these challenges,” said Finnish company’s CEO Joonas Rauramo.

The company’s RotoDynamic Heater is capable of generating temperatures of 650°C and has the goal of reaching 1000°C. It does this without relying on combustion but instead uses electricity to accelerate air and generate friction and heat, which in turn, forms a sustainable kiln.