“Circular materials from the ocean, for the ocean.”

The first and only foam-based recyclable packaging is finally here –– and it’s made from fibers you wouldn’t expect. Cruz Foam, a Santa Cruz-based company dedicated to circular materials, has successfully patented an “earth-digestible” foam made with chitin. Chitin is a cellulose-like bio-polymer found in the exoskeletons of arthropods, such as mollusks and crustaceans, and in the cell walls of fungi. 

Cruz Foam harnesses chitin, the second most abundant biopolymer on earth, from the byproducts of the seafood industry. Tough as a crabshell, this lightweight exoskeletal armor is not only durable but degrades easily in nature. Due to its insulative properties, Cruz Foam promises its premium products are the sustainable alternative to shipping fragile and temperature-sensitive goods – a big win for customers and businesses. 

“There are two operating principles that guide our approach to developing Cruz Foam products: listen to the needs of our customers and follow nature to find the answers,” said John Felts, CEO, and Co-Founder of Cruz Foam. “We’ve seen ever-increasing demand from the world’s biggest brands for sustainable protective packaging that offers high technical performance and is earth-friendly. It would be difficult to overstate how profoundly we can change the current state of the environment through the mainstream adoption of these solutions. For example, Cruz Foam can potentially avoid the release of 53,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next three years based on current sales projections. This is the equivalent of taking 12,000 vehicles off the road for one year, not to mention the potential reduction of plastic waste entering our oceans.” 

Powered by "Cruz Foam Inside" technology, the patented design integrates chitin, fiber and corrugated paper – outperforming its plastic and styrofoam counterparts. According to their site, Cruz Foam’s impressive circular materials “biodegrade to produce high-quality organic waste, which can be used as nutrient rich compost and biogas used for electricity.” 

Cruz Foam has also announced a go-to-market partnership with Atlantic Packaging, a leader in sustainable packaging innovation and technology and circular  packaging supply chain, and its subsidiary A New Earth Project.

 “Our partnership with Cruz Foam is a natural next step for Atlantic Packaging and our A New Earth Project initiative as we continue working to bring together the voices of ocean and water advocacy with brands and organizations that can make a positive impact within the supply chain,” said Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging. “Atlantic Packaging and Cruz Foam share the unique position of having the resources, ability, and underlying passion to drive the change that needs to occur to help fight the plastic waste crisis, and together, we will be able to make a lasting impact.”

Plastic bubble wrap no more! Cruz Foam will replace single-use, petroleum-based plastic in packaging that would otherwise be found in bubble wrap, bubble mailers, and foam. The proof is in the product and the science behind their innovation. Don’t believe it? Check out the products Cruz Foam has in store for this year. 

  • Cruz Wrap: A world-exclusive paper-lined foam product designed to wrap around fragile items during shipment, supplying scratch-and-spacing padded protection, thermal insulation properties, and curbside recyclability. 
  • Cruz Mailer: A premium, first-to-market foam mailer that delivers superior padding and protection, also curbside recyclable.
  • Cruz Cooler: A patented foam-walled cold-chain container engineered to insulate and protect fresh, frozen, and temperature-sensitive items, goods store-to-door, with curbside recyclability. 
  • Cruz Cush: A high-performance protective product with a “block & brace”-style format for the cushioned shipment of electronics, appliances, automotive, aerospace, delicate goods, and much more. Highly-customizable for brand-specific optimization and experience, in combination with cardboard outer boxing to achieve curbside recyclability. 

The earth readily supplies nature-based alternatives to all things and it’s high time to make the switch!  

Find out more at http://www.cruzfoam.com/