Many brands have been making an effort to implement a more sustainable approach to manufacturing, and consumers love it. If you're curious about who's been making the transition or who has already been successful in their sustainability goals, here are a few brands that successfully promote a greener lifestyle.


H&M is a massive global apparel and accessories retail brand that made a breakthrough in fabric recycling technology with its introduction of the Green Machine. 

The Green Machine recycles cotton and polyester blends, which is only in favor of the Swedish retailer to reach the target of using 30% recycled materials on its products by 2025 — it pledged to top this to 100% by 2030. H&M also embeds circularity into its designing process by integrating new materials, including plastic, textile, and agricultural waste. 

Puma SE

German sportswear multinational Pume SE is known for its sustainability, and it has embraced SBTis to achieve its climate commitments goals. It currently focuses on sustainable sourcing, sourcing over 80% of its cotton and polyester from sustainable sources and Puma plans to achieve 100% sustainable sourcing of cotton, polyester, leather, and down feathers as well as paper and cardboard by 2025.

Adidas AG

Currently moving forward with a goal of ending plastic waste in its entire process, Adidas is known to be one of the early starters who implemented sustainability into their strategy. 

In 2008, the company executed a program called 'Green Company,’ with the goal of minimizing natural resources consumption, reducing waste, and achieving carbon neutrality. Throughout the program, the company has reduced 48% water consumption, 55% carbon emissions, 50% waste diversion, as well as 80% paper consumption as of 2020. 


Patagonia uses sustainable materials in its outerwear as well as gives its customers the option to repair their clothing, so people don't have to buy new ones. It introduces the ways retailers can make the circular economy work in the industry.

Since Patagonia's products are so durable, the company itself encourages customers to recycle old Patagonia gear and purchase items second-hand.