It's no secret that the fashion industry is playing a role in the destruction of our environment and that a change is much needed outside of creating more awareness. 

People need to start taking action, and fortunately, positive changes in the fashion landscape are slowly but surely happening. 

We're starting to notice more ethical brands as well as customers demanding sustainable clothing.

Here are 3 reasons why the world needs sustainable fashion:

Sustainable Fashion Creates Less Waste

An enormous amount of waste is created by fast fashion companies, meanwhile, sustainable brands place their focus on creating quality clothing products from long-lasting materials.

Sustainable Fashion Ensures Fair Wages 

Fast fashion is usually made in harsh working conditions because most fast fashion brands produce garments in developing countries where workers are paid under the living wage, while sustainable clothing brands prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions for all of their employees.

Sustainable Fashion Reduces Greenhouse Gases Emissions

Fast fashion has a huge carbon footprint resulting from the material creation, manufacturing, transportation, and textile waste decomposing in landfills.

The majority of fast fashion clothes are made from petroleum-based materials, which causes a huge carbon footprint, (we’re talking acrylic, nylon, and polyester) all of which require a large amount of energy, while sustainable fashion utilizes biodegradable materials from natural or recycled materials.

These materials require little to no chemical treatment, less water, and less energy.