Not everyone can afford long-lasting clothing, and that's why change needs to happen starting at the price point.

A new fashion trend is hitting the market within the next few months. Except this time, it's not corduroy or platform shoes; it's a "forever wardrobe."

The promise that comes with this new style of clothing is that they will never go out of style. Picture crisp white shirts and styled blazers, classic knitwear, and timeless little black dresses. Fast fashion is so last year. This spring, look forward to fashion with a lifetime guarantee.

The fast fashion industry exploded in the last 30 years, overall abandoning the principles of enduring elegance in favor of comebacks like crocs and high-waisted jeans.

On an economic level, the fashion industry is generating 2% of global GDP and employing over 400 million people.

Fashion has become a cheap payday treat. Shoppers are accustomed to cheap fabric with loose switching and buttons that inevitably fall off.

Right now, investing in high-quality clothing is a luxury for most, but forever fashion is not just about timeless classics over quick turnover trends, but about making clothes that last.

The forever wardrobe really does exist, and it's coming our way soon.