One incredible thing you can do for yourself that won't only save you some money but also benefit our planet is to tap into the potential of your closet. 

Take stock of what you already have.

You probably don't even realize how many great pieces you already own. Alyssa Beltempo, a slow-fashion influencer, and sustainable stylist says,

"So many people have the components of a great closet; they just aren't taking the time to get to know their clothes. Set aside all of the items you often wear and identify what it is you like about them."

After you identify your staple pieces, donate what you're not a fan of and don't see yourself wearing ever again.

Tweak and improvise.

It's really the little touches that bring an outfit together, but mostly, it's the accessories. Identify your staple outfits and dress them up with a nice blazer, a pair of fabulous earrings, or some great shoes. You don't need a whole new outfit for a date; you just need to learn how to improvise. 


Always declutter with intention.

Instead of doing a purge once a year, keep track of what you're wearing as you go and start a "maybe" section in your closet for pieces you aren't sure about. 

If you find your "maybes" have remained untouched, then donate them or resell them.