Co-founder and CEO of Lamoral, Theo Verweerden, has created a coating offering a 100% guarantee that it will block UV rays from the sun, prevent corrosion and repel dirt.

"The life of materials can be managed over time. Now that's what I call sustainable," says Theo Verweerden.

This specific coating uses no fluorine, which means that no PFAS or other hazardous substances end up in the environment, and multiple major sports brands are currently testing the capabilities.

"The coating has been fully developed, tested, certified and has garnered plenty of interest, not only from the sports industry but also from the world of workwear and outdoor apparel. Among others, Adidas, Speedo, and others have shown interest," says business developer Joris van Tongerloo

"Cheap clothing that you buy and can throw away after two washes contains a fluorine coating that is produced extremely cheaply and is already worn away after two washes. We're committed to making better clothing that you can wear longer. Most water-repellent coatings you buy now have to go into the dryer because they need heat to make the coating work again. Our product works by just being left to dry on the clothesline." - Theo Verweerden.