Sustainability is a word that has been tossed around quite frequently, especially in the world of fashion, which is one of the biggest polluting industries. 

While the greenest thing we can do is to not buy anything, we're all still humans who need to be clothed; plus, getting dressed is always a fun experience. Our best option is to simply be more conscious and intentional, purchasing from brands that prioritize sustainability.

With that said, here are some sustainable fashion brands to embrace and get some quality clothing from.

Girlfriend Collective

Matching activewear set, anyone? Girlfriend Collective is well-known for its colorful leggings, functional sports bras, and numerous cute separates that fit every body shape and size.

You won't only feel confident during your workout, but you'll also feel incredible knowing that everything you're putting on your body is made from recycled materials derived from plastic bottles, fishing nets, or cotton waste in certified facilities.


If you're looking for the perfect wedding guest dress, or maybe even a date night outfit, and a sustainable one at that, Reformation has your back. You'll find romantic florals and chic attire. The vast collection is made from low-impact fabrics, deadstock materials, or repurposed vintage wares in sustainable facilities. Additionally, shoppers can track the environmental footprint of each style. On top of that, the certified climate-neutral company releases a quarterly sustainability report with its progress.


Founded in 2010 with the goal of offering quality wardrobe essentials ethically produced at affordable prices, Everlane is popular for its versatile selection, including T-shirts, leather accessories, cashmere and more. Fans also love the honest disclosure with supply chain breakdown, meaning you can see exactly how much it costs to make every article of clothing and where it's made on its product page. 

Additionally, Everlane aims to use eco-conscious materials with low-impact methods where possible, and the majority of the clothing is made with recycled materials and natural fibers.