Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious clothing brand focused on quality goods and sustainable practices in all aspects. Their goal is to provide elegance and modern clothing that is both beautiful and sustainable for women.

By using limited and local production practices, Whimsy + Row has been working with low-impact materials like organic cotton and linen, as well as deadstock and upcycled fabrics. 

Another great thing to note is that their limited articles of clothing are all handcrafted under ethical conditions, and everything is made only within a few miles of their office, which means they regularly visit their factories to ensure fair wages and that their workers are all being treated well. 

Entrepreneur, mother, and designer Sonja has been busy working behind the scenes for their newest Spring launch. This specific launch will prioritize practicality and minimalism.

"By using only locally sourced, upcycled, and low impact materials, we create quality pieces that will last you for years to come. We seek out the best eco-friendly fabrics to bring you flirty and effortless pieces that are as stylish as they are sustainable." - Whimsy + Row.