Luxury fashion brand Saint Laurent, also known as Yves Saint Laurent or YSL, owned by French company Kering, which also owns multiple other labels such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta, has been introducing numerous green approaches to its operational and manufacturing process. 

Kering is one of the only luxury corporations that has made it to SG Analytics 'Top 10 Sustainable Companies' list, as it also adopts SBTi and is the initiator of the Fashion Fact, a program with the primary goal of limiting global warming, protecting the oceans and restoring biodiversity.

YSL has been making the conscious effort to sustainably source its raw materials, encourage circularity, and reuse its leather offcuts.

Additionally, in 2020, over 60% of the cotton procured by the house was global organic textile standard certified, and 40% of the silk and wool sourced by the house was certified sustainable.

The house is also committed to promoting regenerative agricultural practices and sustainable livestock production systems. 

"Saint Laurent recognizes that intense, consistent scrutiny of raw materials and their sources is vital to reducing environmental impact. The house is on track to achieve 100% traceability of key raw materials and 100% compliance with Kering's standards for raw materials and manufacturing processes." – YSL Website