Stella McCartney:

In 2020 the brand from the UK announced McCartney's Manifesto, defining and guiding its sustainable vision. Additionally, the brand launched several innovations like Coreva, which is biodegradable stretch denim, and Stellawear, which is sustainable innovation fusing underwear and swimwear, made from Aquafil Econyl regenerated nylon and ROICA elastane. 


Albina Kan and her brand Beena is an OG when it comes to upcycling techniques. She creates her outfits using patchwork textiles. Only natural materials are used for the collections: silk, cotton, blended fabrics based on natural fibers, and denim.


Nadezhda Abzaeva is a designer from Buryatia and the creator of the eponymous brand, putting a huge emphasis on the local identity. She's inspired by the indigenous rituals of the nomadic tribes that cherish nature the most. 

Abzaeva follows the principles of zero waste production in her collections.


Brand designer Elena Mezhova called every piece of her collection after an animal or a mushroom. Among them are Ostreidae one-suiter, which repeats aesthetic features of an oyster, Hymenophore sportive suit, and Amanita dress. The collection was 70% made of recycled materials. One dress was even made of plastic bags.