Tracking ocean data isn’t easy, which is why Smartfin was created. Smartfin is a surfboard and a data-soaking sponge. It tracks water acidity, temperature, location, and other wave characteristics, making it easy for surfers to gather more data for scientists about our ocean.

“The reason these parameters are important is that they’re changing directly as a result of climate change,” says Dr. Andrew Stern, founder of Smartfin.

Oceans give our world life. Phytoplankton breathes out 70% of our oxygen, and the oceans’  currents and other physical properties are responsible for our weather and climate. Scientists have been trying to keep tabs on the ocean with vast networks of sensors, satellites, and other equipment, to understand more about how it works and to keep tabs on the overall ocean health. 

With Smartfin, surfers and paddleboarders are able to become scientists. All they have to do is replace one of their board’s fins with Smartfin. 

The high-tech Smartfin gathers data on conditions in the water and sends it straight from surf to scientists. The accurate readings it takes every few seconds on temperature and wave action help researchers studying climate change, coral reefs, and more.