Technology is evolving faster than ever, and every change affects consumers in a multitude of ways. Below are 3 tech innovations that will heavily impact the market this year.

NFTs: Non-fungible tokens are already playing a massive role in the economy, and regardless of whether some might believe it's a bubble or not, this year is looking like the NFT market is expanding. Companies operating in the visual space, including both products and services, have the opportunity to connect with a larger audience in a field that's open. It will change the landscape of who is having the conversation with a new demographic online and offline too.

QR Codes: QR codes have been around forever, but over the last few years with Covid, they've been utilized even more, especially in restaurants. Companies are realizing they can use QR codes as an access point into their products or websites, and it's great for tracking. They may not be extremely appealing, but most individuals know how to use them at this point. Within the next year, the deployment and usage of QR codes will have a big impact on the market, and it's a good one for companies to capitalize on.

Voice Search Technology: Voice search technology is one massive tech innovation that can have a great impact on the market for consumers within the new year. People are already leveraging this technology to redefine the way they shop, send messages, look for information, etc. This percentage of customers using voice search is only going to increase, and this will change the way businesses do their SEO.